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Mano para enganche con freno

$295.000 $250.000

6,000 POUNDS MAXIMUM GROSS LOAD (weight of trailer fully loaded with all cargo and equipment). To find yor trailer’s Gross Load, use a commercial vehicle scale at a truck weigh station, grain elevator, etc.

600 POUNDS MAXIMUM TONGUE (weight applied downwards by the fully loaded trailer’s coupler onto the tow vehicle’s hitch). Measure your tailer’s Tongue Load with the tongue in the horizontal towing position, using either a commercial scale or a bathroom scale if the load is small enough. Upwards tongue loads are not permissible.

The AERO-6000 actuator is intended for use on recreational, marine, and agricultural occasional-us trailes, which are towed by passenger cars or pickups. Use ONLY with a two inch (2″) diameter tow ball. The actual in-service rating s limited to that of the ball and hitch being used or the trailer manuacture’s G.V.W.R. shown on the certification label, whichever is lower. The AERO-6000 Actuator is ready to bolt into place onto straight three inch wide trailer tongues.

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